5 Simple Ways to Make Money Online

Are you a student? This post is for you. If you follow us, you’ll earn some extra income online alongside your studies. In fact, there are currently alternative ways to earn online. From all this, I’ll show you today how to make money online. Easy way to earn money online.

1. Blogging
2. YouTube
3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
4. Affiliate Marketing
5. Web design

The easiest way to make money online for students.



Even a decade ago, it was very difficult to reach out to people, but there were very few authors, or even trust Little Magazine, that had problems selling. And come from this article? That opportunity is for the lucky ones.

But the situation has changed quickly, with the internet coming home from blogging. Blogs are easy ways to convey your opinions, writings, pictures to people.

How to earn money from blogs. Let’s get to that point—-

1. First choose an ads network. The most popular ad network between bloggers and advertisers is Google AdSense.

2. Apply to be an ads publisher on your preferred network.

3. If your application is approved, you will be emailed by the ad network.

4. You will then be sent the ad code that you will publish to your blog.

5. Within two hours of you placing the ad code in the right place, it will be published on your blog on behalf of the ad network and the ads will be shown on your blog.

6. You’re done. Now your readers will be able to click on that ad and deposit money in your account.


Currently, many people from Bangladesh are earning millions of Dollars from YouTube every month. There is no doubt that if you are on YouTube you will be able to succeed YouTube. It’s easy to get income from YouTube compared to other marketplaces, but you’ll need to spend a lot of time getting AdSense monetizes or Google AdSense ad shows after you’ve got you updated.

If you are blogging, you will not have any restrictions if you have 5 to 10 visitors to your blog, but Google AdSense ads will show on your website. But you must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time on YouTube.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Many of you have learned SEO in some way, but the problem you face after learning the job is how do you work? Many may not know how much SEO can be used to earn or earn online.

We’re just for them. After learning the work, many people think that Upwork, Freelancer! But the reality is completely different. If you know SEO, you can do it with Upwork, Freelancers! Apart from earning online from marketplaces, you can earn a lot of money online in many ways by using SEO.

Let’s see how you start.

1) First you learn SEO
2) When you learn SEO, you will have business ideas in your head, you can choose any idea.
3) Now you start working on that idea.

Below are some examples of platforms that SEO can earn money from:

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Market Place
  • Local Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

People who search Google for different times online know how to earn online, but affiliate marketing is one of the main ways to earn income online.

How do affiliates marketing?

1. First choose which products or services you want to market. Some of the most common affiliate networks are Click bank, OMG India, Trootrac Media. There is also the opportunity to directly engage as a marketing affiliate in companies like Flipkart or Amazon.

2. Fill out the application form by visiting the favorites website. You may need to know what strategies and methods you have set for marketing at the time of application.

3. If the application is accepted, you can log in to your affiliate account and select the appropriate link for your blog. After adding the appropriate link or ad to your blog, check if it works properly.

4. You’re ready to earn as an affiliate. You will then receive a commission from anyone who clicks on that link or buys the product or service.

Web design

I think it’s about making money online. Because of most of those who are web design experts or who have developed their careers with web design work online.

If you want to choose web design as a profession, I would say it has a huge demand. The current marketplaces have web design, not yet enough expertise or skilled web designers to do those tasks. So if someone learns web design and goes to work on the marketplace or offline, it’s not wrong to decide to learn web design.

Depending on how much work you have learned or how much you know, your income will depend on the amount of work you do. Most of the people who currently work in online marketplaces for web design earn millions of dollars every month.

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